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Django OpenID的最佳解决方案是什么?[关闭]

已关闭。这个问题是基于观点的。它当前不接受答案。 想改善这个问题吗?更新问题,以便通过编辑此帖子以事实和引文回答。 6年前关闭。 改善这个问题 请注意:这是一个古老的问题,带有古老的答案。现在,大多数链接的应用程序都不再需要维护。这些天来,大多数人似乎使用django-allauth或python-social-auth。为了后代的缘故,下面将完整保留原始问题。 至少有六打Django应用程序为Django提供OpenID身份验证: django-openid django-openid-auth 另一个django-openid-auth,似乎已经死了 django-authopenid django-socialauth(还提供Twitter和Facebook帐户的身份验证) django-socialregistration(也具有Facebook和Twitter身份验证) django-openid-consumer,是Simon Willison最初的django-openid的一个分支。似乎比完整的注册工作流程更适合简单的博客评论 django-social-auth 我和其中几个一起玩。西蒙·威利森(Simon Willison)的django-openid给人留下了深刻的印象,但由于他处于Djangoland趋势设定的最前沿,所以有时我很难理解他的趋势(例如django-openid中的整个动态urlpatterns系统)。而且,我无法登录才能与Google一起使用。 django-authopenid给人很好的印象,并且似乎与django-registration具有良好的集成。django-socialauth和django-socialregistration支持Twitter和Facebook,这绝对是一个加号。谁知道Facebook是否以及何时开始成为OpenID提供者...?但是,socialauth似乎也有一些问题。 那么,最好的OpenID应用程序是什么?请分享任何正面(和负面)经验。谢谢!

问题:Django OpenID的最佳解决方案是什么?[关闭]



我和其中几个一起玩。西蒙·威利森(Simon Willison)的django-openid给人留下了深刻的印象,但由于他处于Djangoland趋势设定的最前沿,所以有时我很难理解他的趋势(例如django-openid中的整个动态urlpatterns系统)。而且,我无法登录才能与Google一起使用。



Please note: this is an ancient question with ancient answers. Most of the linked apps are now unmaintained. These days, most people seem to use django-allauth or python-social-auth. I'll leave the original question intact below for posterity's sake.

There are at least half a dozen Django apps that provide OpenID authentication for Django:

I played around with a couple of them. Simon Willison's django-openid made a good impression, but as he is at the forefront of trendsetting in Djangoland, I sometimes have difficulties wrapping my head around his trends (e.g. the whole dynamic urlpatterns system in django-openid). What's more, I couldn't get login to work with Google.

django-authopenid made a good impression, and it seems to have good integration with django-registration. django-socialauth and django-socialregistration have support for Twitter and Facebook, which is definitely a plus. Who knows if and when Facebook will start to be an OpenID provider...? socialauth seems to have its share of problems, though.

So, what is the best OpenID app out there? Please share any positive (and negative) experience. Thanks!

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bzr branch lp:django-openid-auth


pip install django-openid-auth

The one that has proven to work best for me, and which seems most up-to-date is the one over at launchpad.

It integrated seamlessly with my application that already utilizes the django.auth module.

To get a copy run:

bzr branch lp:django-openid-auth

Or install it via PyPI

pip install django-openid-auth

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更新:最新的fork似乎是omab / django-social-auth,这也是pypi包所指向的。

The last post for this thread is in February. It's been almost 8 months and I'm pretty sure a lot of things have been changed.

I am very interested in Django-Socialauth since it supports gmail, yahoo, facebook, twitter, and OpenID.

I found two forks that seem up-to-date:

The second fork has been recently updated at this moment.

I was wondering if anyone has recently used any of these forks? I am looking for the most reliable one for my website.


Update: The most up-to-date fork appears to be omab/django-social-auth, which is also what the pypi package points at.

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I prefer django-authopenid, but I think most of the mature solutions are pretty equal at this point. Still, it is what I see used the most. I've made a handful of customizations to how we use it without having to actually fork it, and that's a huge plus in my book. In other words, its fairly hookable.

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别忘了 Elf Sternberg的 django-socialauth分支-他正在努力清理他认为原始的socialauth应用程序中许多不良实施决策的内容。到目前为止看起来还不错,但尚不清楚他的项目是否会取得进展。

Don't forget Elf Sternberg's fork of django-socialauth - he's working to clean up what he sees as a lot of bad implementation decisions in the original socialauth app. Looks clean so far but it's unclear whether his project will have momentum.

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django-socialauth is good for me

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